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hi there!

welcome to my blog. by now you've probably peeped a few photos from the front page, maybe read a couple witty captions, even checked out the pricing section. hey, i get it…why bother reading the "about" page before inspecting the goods and peeking at the price tag? i commend you for making it this far; to my surprise, not everyone takes the time to read this page. please allow me to address a few commonly asked questions…

"i…uh…didn't realize you weren't asian." 
half-japanese, part-italian, and part-german, actually. i'm the spitting image of my caucasian father.

"how do you pronounce your last name?"
Utah-Kaa. actually, it's my middle name.

"how long have you been doing this?"
i've been accepting money for my photography for about five years now. 

"you have a good eye for photography."
thanks to those who've paid me this compliment! for about a year prior to starting my business, i owned and got acquainted with my rebel dslr camera. for my entire adult life, i've been intrigued with the digital photography boom. before digital, i credit my artistic eye to my mother, a ucla alumna with a bachelor's in art history who made sure creativity was part of my curriculum growing up (she still has some of my art project award ribbons to prove it). as corny as it sounds, i've been preparing for this for my whole life.

"i enjoy your writing too!"
thanks again! following in the footsteps of my mother, i also graduated from ucla, but my bachelor's was in english. despite nasa and the nba knocking my door down (that's sarcasm), i went into magazine publishing instead.

"do you do photography full time?"
after 13 years in magazine publishing, i'm now in corporate marketing, but rest assured, you have my full attention and enthusiasm for your photography projects.

"where are you based?"
orange county. costa mesa to be exact.

fear the beard (or lack thereof)

"do you have a studio?"
nope. when you hire a photographer, you have a myriad of options. the most important things to consider when choosing your photographer is style and personality. whereas some photographers are masters of classical poses in studio lighting, i prefer candid shots in natural settings. i think of the world as my studio, the sun as my camera flash, and your personality as the pose. i like to look for interesting light, backgrounds, and angles and let you decide how you fit into the scene. my favorite shots happen spontaneously. of course, if you're as awkward as i am in front of a lens, i will help get you more comfortable. 

"what equipment do you use?"
my main camera body is a canon 5D mark II, and i shoot with "prime" lenses, such as a 35mm f/1.4, a 50mm f/1.4, and 85mm f/1.8 (as well as additional backup equipment). i shoot raw images which i post-process using adobe lightroom and photoshop. feel free to geek out with me on tech talk; i eat it up.

"how long until i get my photos?"
four to six weeks. earlier if i can manage!

"who is your lovely assistant?"
my wife, dawn. (well, she was my assistant before we had our baby boy jackson)

"what do you do for fun?
i watch and play basketball and baseball, play video games, and am a tech nerd. i'd also REALLY like to buy and ride a harley, but that's a work in progress

"favorite movie?"
the shawshank redemption.

"favorite music?"
a tribe called quest.

"video game?"

"kill-death ratio?"
as of this writing: 1.25.

"impressive. anything else to add?"
i'm an easy-going guy who likes to keep things light-hearted and fun. i think of my business like a boutique catering to each client's needs. i have no pretentious attitude, and i'm solely focused on making you happy. let's collaborate on how to best get to the essence of you.