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baby's 1st birthday: lucas

look! it's a bird … it's a plane … no, it's … a new blog post! yeah. i was having lunch with my buddy justin last week, and he put it to me bluntly, "hey, post a blog. i'm BORED!" it's true, i've been very delinquent with the posts over the past few months. there's just been nonstop activity that's kept me either in the field shooting (yay!) or in the lab processing (boo!). this weekend has been my only "blank" weekend for weeks. and man, was it wonderful! hey, i love to work, but i also love to rest. and this blank weekend is only an island amidst a sea of busy weekends still on the horizon. not one to let a weekend go by with complete inactivity, i finally decided to follow through on the once teased 1st birthday of baby lucas.

it feels like it's been an eternity since i shot this shindig. heck, baby lucas is probably prepping for the SATs by now. i am constantly amazed by the effect this photography business has had on my grasp of time. i can't believe it was just more than a year ago that i posted gail and jorge's engagement session. it seems more like five years ago. and i can only imagine the effect raising a baby has on first-time parents like jean and jimmy. i hope this somewhat "throwback" post of a party that happened several months ago finds jean and jimmy reminiscing fondly of their first year and a half with lucas, and that this joyous time of their lives isn't passing them by too quickly. it's one of the gifts of photography: freezing moments in time so that when we have a chance to look back on it all, we can stop and say, "wow, what a great time we had."

there it is: the traditional dol head table. what a spread!

colorful desserts: check!

excuse my shameless self-promotion here, but a portrait session prior to the birthday party creates an excellent opportunity for lovely decor for your event. take this canvas print for example. i'm a HUGE "paperless" guy, but on the rare occasion i get to see a capture of mine in print, it's a real treat.

the "guess baby's future vocation" game was afoot.

is it just me, or does this kid remind you of jonathon winters on mork & mindy? he's like a little old man/baby.

apparently, cute children were in great abundance.

i think this gentleman would agree with me.

and speaking of cute babies, here's the guest of honor going business-semi-formal. dapper. very dapper.

outfit: mom-approved.

i love these kinds of shots: generation-bridging resemblance through facial expression. uncanny!

i realize i was a bit of a late-bloomer myself, but lucas is getting his mack on EARLY! 

ahh, now i get why the ladies love cool lucas: it's gotta be the shoes!

the two images above is what nick yutaka photographer is all about: unabashed happy.

doctor lucas, phd. complete with golf obsession.

wee!! balloons!!

ladies and gentlemen … lucas has left the building.

thanks again to jean, jimmy, and lucas for choosing me to capture their special day. and lucas, a.k.a. LL cool L, if you haven't already figured it out by now, go for the around the way girls.  

i ask for around-the-way filet; you bring me stuck-up tuna

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Reader Comments (3)

Funny thing is that the boy you referred to as Jonathan W is really named Jonathan! ;o)

October 18, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterLisa

good job, though i cringe at LL dancing.

October 21, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterHun

Saw the tweet about this post and knew I had to stop by! Gorgeous as always. Love the little man/baby! So freaking cute!!!

October 25, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterTanya

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