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nyp retrospective: it's been a long time…

i know what it looks like: that nick yutaka cat goes and has a baby and virtually disappears from his blog. he must have retired; been put out to stud. i've even had a couple of past and potential clients remark off-handedly that they'd heard i wasn't taking jobs right now (i did take a short hiatus in the latter part of 2011, but nothing long-term). well, despite how it may have looked, i'm still out there grinding. sure, baby-making takes its toll on my blog composing time, and yes, i've reeled back the frenetic workload that i'd been keeping the past couple of years, but i'm still here at your photographic service. and i wanted to come correct this time: no fluff posts featuring my breathtakingly handsome baby son or hot kicks that'll blow your socks off. just raw nyp heat from several shoots over the past year. as timbaland appropriated from rakim "the god": it's been a long time, i shouldn't have left you / without a dope beat to step to…

over the past year, i've shot a multitude of things. of course, my bread and butter is child/family portraits…

baby kylie at the lab in costa mesa

you and me and kylie's brother, lucas (a proud nyp alumnus)

baby christian joined the nyp family of clients…and he brought his radio flyer.

and for his birthday party, christian's parents brought a bubbly wonderland.

it was a pleasure to make baby violet and her parents' acquaintance at her dol at the elegant W hotel in hollywood.

it was hilarious (and a little disturbing) seeing guests at matthew's batman-themed birthday party merc the hell out of his batman piñata.

aside from the occasional kid going agro on a piñata, things were sweet this past year, like baby olivia enjoying a kiss from her doting mother, angelica.

 nick yutaka photographer isn't just a baby photographer though. i shot and wrote a couple of pieces for a harley magazine. unfortunately, i even broke out my modeling chops on one. i apologize for any physical or emotional damage the image may cause you.

 sure, portrait shooting is old hat, but this one was unique because of the occasion: an extended family retreat at the pelican hill resort in honor of their matriarch's birthday. here, her daughter and son-in-law sharing a big laugh…

…and a couple of her grandkids were all grins too. i suppose it doesn't become an official nyp shoot until i get snaps of a couple of kids or pets.

there was this breakfast at tiffany's-themed bridal shower at the charlie palmer restaurant at south coast plaza (yes, i'm name-dropping the notable locations i shot at. no, i have no tact.). the future-bride's mom was the meat in this kiss sandwich from her daughters: party host angela and guest-of-honor mariam.

besides a bridal shower, what else do you do leading up to your wedding? an engagement photoshoot, of course. this shot of mimi and ryan in downtown LA was one of my favorites of 2011. i don't do nearly enough e-sessions.

mimi's friend mari and her husband scott (not pictured, obviously) were also a delight to work with. she looked radiant at their small, intimate nuptual exchange. mari also has the distinction of being my first and only south african client!

back to mimi…she's a sucker for a good pair of christian louboutains, so she made sure to make room in her budget for a fresh pair on her wedding day.

i also had the honor and priviledge to shoot my good buddy phil's wedding to his longtime sweetheart, nga. it's always a pleasure to witness your old halo war-buddies gettin' all growed up. 

after the show it's the after party then / after the party it's the hotel lobby and / after the belve' then it's probably cris' / and after the original it's probably this… i also shot a swanky corporate event at the pelican hill resort. the band and the guests dropped da bang bang boogie da bang da bang boogie to da boogie bang boogie da bang. (welcome to hip-hop reference HELL!)

to the tens of faithful visitors who peruse my blog, i hope this helps quench your thirst for more nick yutaka photographer. i'll see you out there!



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