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quick hit: bo knows

oh no, not again. i'm sorry i'm practically turning my blog into a shoe appreciation website, but while mired in an ocean of photo processing, i turn to a few outlets to blow off steam. and as fate would have it, the shoe that started this crazy addiction happened to get retroed today.

1989. 6th grade. calle mayor middle school, torrance, california. i was a new student, my family having moved down to southern california from my native san francisco. i was having a hard time adjusting. i felt extremely awkward. it was actually one of the toughest, darkest times of my life. my old buddies probably don't know this about me, but i would have what i can only now describe as panic attacks almost every morning for most of middle school. it was probably the raging hormones of a pre-teen about to go through puberty, but i just mentally could not deal with change.

out of a combination of being an only child (thus spoiled) and perhaps unsure how to make things better for me, my parents (bless their hearts) treated me to a lot of nice things around this time. one of the biggies was a pair of nike bo jackson cross-trainers. the "bo knows" ad campaign was blowing up, and i ate it up hook, line, and sinker. i'd never lusted for a pair of sneakers before, but i was on the cusp of a craze that not only took a hold of me, but many of us in that generation. my best and oldest friend justin recently recalled that i ended up getting several colorways of that nike sc trainer II back in 6th grade, and "That was UNHEARD of back in the day…back then it totally boggled my mind that you would have the same shoe in different colors. This was your defining shoe in my opinion…it's what started it all. Defining shoe! Go get them at lunch…I command you!"

the hype was STRONG with this one. not one to deny my friend's command, i found a pair in what we recall as the defining colorway (remember, this was the late ’80s/early ’90s!). though you might see a strange-looking pair of neon yellow and teal shoes in the images below, i see low self-esteem, a lot of tears, and the beginning spark of a long journey to find the strength to fit in and function at a very difficult time in my life.

for you orange county sneaker "heads," blends at the lab in costa mesa usually has us covered. this was my first purchase from the boutique. bonus points for the environmentally-friendly shopping bag.

getting undressed real sexy-like.

pine needles for texture and symbollic of cross training.

i'm giving myself props on this plant-watering prop. 

well i don't know about you, but i'm all worked up. hopefully i can get back to some blog posts of relevance to my business (not just my interests) soon. in the meantime, enjoy these nice vids.

said ad campaign for these particular bo's. features abound, including of course the great bo diddly.

and for this post's musical accompanyment, what can i say? good hip-hop is hard to come by, so sometimes you just make the best out of a nice beat, nice visuals, and two bruthas getting their floss on HARD. 


quick hit: fear the beard

i know what you're thinking. i've been in the lab. like…DEEP in the lab. i've been chained to my computer, processing photo after photo after photo. i literally have an ace bandage around my wrist as i type this due to some strange carpal-tunnel-like pain. it's 3:30 a.m. on a sunday morning. this is the kind of crunch i've been under. hey…you asked!

all joking aside, i've kept my sanity by continuing to enjoy some of my personal pursuits as time has permitted. i got a motorcycle license. for a limited time only, the first reader to buy me a motorcycle gets a free portrait session! that's fair, right?

my other pursuit: baseball. my japanese baseball league team is playing for our division title tomorrow. i'm pumped. i'm attempting a playoff beard for our stretch run. we're pushing a month of growth here, and it's not pretty. i'd have to check strunk & white's elements of style, but there might be some legitimate irony in me trying to grow a playoff beard for a japanese league team, and i assume it's my japanese genes that make my beard so pathetically whispy and patchy.

in any case, i snapped a self-portrait yesterday to try and loosen up my teammates for the big game. my lack of grizzle is this week's quick hit.

now back to the lab… 

apologies for the lurking sweat line. i am the world's most sweatiest man.



one of my favorite young MCs: mac miller. "best day ever." i never take a day off / work around the clock, my engineer gettin' paid off…

. . .

update: we lost. good-bye "beard."


quick hit: true blue

with the summer months upon us, both the weather and my schedule are warming up. and as usual, it's my blog updates that suffer. thank goodness for quick hits!

so i lumber home from a hellacious week at the office to find a box on my doorstep. "ooo!" i think. what am i expecting today? the internet age is wonderful; any day can be christmas when that grinning box (or one of its brothers) decides to come a-knocking at your door. i get to unboxing and bam! "ah yesssss…"

one of my oldest and deadliest vices reared its ugly head last week: kicks. specifically, jordans. what can i say? i'm a child of the ’90s. you know, that wonderful decade when teens got stuck up for their jordans and starter jackets, and movie-goers got shot at the theater after watching boyz n the hood. well, i thought i'd weaned myself off the addiction over the past several years, until i got an email alert about a certain shoe that would be going on sale that evening. i couldn't pass it up.

and here it is, thanks to armchair commerce (thank you again, internet) and a dream…the air jordan III "true blue". it's probably my second-favorite jordan (thank you, tinker hatfield). observe the classic traits: the elephant-print accents around the toe box and heel, the star-pattern on the toe of the sole, and don't you dare sleep on the jumpman logo. yes, this was the first jordan shoe to boast the iconic jumpman logo. the jordan I and II were of a different breed. honestly, i never cared much for them. to me, the jordan line began in 1988 when mj dunked from the free-throw line in these (the white/cement gray colorways to be exact) and mars blackmon first queried "money, is it the shoes?" 

do you know what my favorite jordan is of all time? do you know, do you know, do you know? take a guess in the comments. and let me know what your favorite jordan, or any kick, of all-time is.



i'm not quite sure what snipes is rockin', but it appears woody's gone with david robinson pumps (mister robinson's neighborhood), while kadeem stays true to his mj jersey with a pair of VIs. we goin' sizzler…we goin' sizzler…