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quick hit: history

i hit a bit of a speed bump late last week. after reaching a triumphant high by helping my j-league team win our division in our year-round basketball league (it's more of a weak senior league that they let a couple of "young bucks" such as myself participate in), i hit rock-bottom with severe residual foot pain (an old war injury) and coming down with some sort of bug. i limped through thursday and friday, and tended to my under-the-weather–ness all weekend. the result: not a whole lot in the way of photo taking, processing, or blogging. 

at one point though, i watched a something on my appletv. after letting the device sit idle for a few minutes, it went into screen-saver mode. i just happen to have it set to play a slideshow of my flickr stream as a screen-saver. once i noticed, i became sort of mesmerized reliving the memories and thinking about my photographic journey thus far. to share that experience, i popped my camera into video mode and recorded what i was seeing. then, for fun, i played around with the footage in final cut, just to see if i could make it a little more interesting to the casual observer (read: added background music). the video is crude, amateur, and is this week's quick hit, video edition. enjoy.

mos def ft. talib kweli (a.k.a. blackstar) "history". (also featuring my sony tv, surround sound speaker, and stereo shelving)


wedding: joe & youngshin, part 3

part 2 of this series ended with the words: "tune in soon for the conclusion to youngshin's fairytale day." i distinctly remember when i learned the word "conclude": at the end of back to the future II, the phrase "to be concluded…" was painted over the scene of doc brown passed out on main street of hill valley. my parents explained that the next movie would be the last movie. and much like robert zemeckis' landmark time-travelling series, part 3 of joe & youngshin's wedding blogposts will end this trilogy.

instead of the wild westbuford tannen, and levitating trains, this part 3 includes a few private moments before the ceremony, the ceremony itself, and a little fun at the reception. follow along and enjoy!

in a scarce moment alone, youngshin made her way to her bridal staging room as the main event inched near.

bridesmaids and flower girl soon flanked the bride as we approached the staging room. i just love how her shoe peaks from under her gown leading the way.

 as youngshin took care of some formalities in the staging area, i sought out joe and his groomsmen. they discovered a makeshift staging area for them to cool off. and i mean that literally; i believe that day was the warmest of the summer. wall unit air conditioners were pure GOLD.

i love this moment of joe speaking to his mom by speakerphone just before the ceremony. this was actually somewhat tense as both moms were making their way from the salon to the church to make the ceremony on time. joe was a calming influence though for both mom and the pastor.

ah…the main event begins. joe and his groomsmen notice the doors to the church open as…

…youngshin entered with her father. and there it is, the traditional first look. (remember, they saw each other throughout the day prior to this moment.)


here's our little friend from part 2. it looks like he got his hair in order.

i can relate to this. my wife told me i'd be a dead man if i tried to smear cake on her. joe's a former marine, so i'm sure he's trained to endure the punishment. youngshin, on the other hand, looks like she's channeling little mac from mike tyson's punch-out.

youngshin gave a mighty toss of her bouquet, after which she declared the next girl to be married.

by day's end, i really appreciated how cool joe and his groomsmen were as they broke open a few bottles of celebratory beer (and i may have partaken myself, at their strong insistence of course).

through and through, a loving couple on a loving day.

so there you have it. a fun time with a wonderful couple on the first day of the rest of their lives together. i'd like to send a big "thank you" to joe and youngshin for allowing me to document their big day and letting me feel welcome and part of the festivities. 

and if you're joining us late, here are links to part 1 and part 2 of this series.


in the name of fun, beastie boys "make some noise". here we go again, give ya more nothing lesser / back on the mic it's the anti-depressor… (full must-see short film here)


quick hit: hey mama

did i say i'd have a new full blog post done this weekend? naaaaw. couldn't have been me.

happy mother's day & birthday to my moms.

though i no longer endorse kanye, i do endorse this song.