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furloughs, teabags, and old cameras

a lot of us are in a rough spot, economically. it has me worried because i wonder if we've entered a new age where the US isn't the super-power it used to be. there used to be a time where all the good stuff was made and sold in the US. other countries had to come to us to get their fix of the good life. however, with the maturing of a global economy, perhaps there won't be such a disparity between the countries that can be considered haves and have-nots. think about it on a micro level. if you want item x and find it sold cheapest from an internet company based overseas, do you really care that you're patronizing a foreign entity? no ... bottom line, you can't afford not to buy that item at it's cheapest legitimate price. this wasn't a problem 20 years ago, but products are now distributed worldwide, price points are established from the global trade of product, and people across the world are competing directly with each other to sell this stuff. no longer are we reliant on the neighborhood "pusher" to get us our fix. no longer are we limited to the sears-roebuck catalog to browse what's available for purchase. now, i'm no economics major, but don't these facts seem to favor the economies of other countries, and not so much the super-powers? so from a very naive piecing together of the facts, i worry if the US economy is not just hitting a speed bump, but falling back to the pack, as this new world economy levels out.

why am i pondering such things? well, i'm sitting at home like a bum on a monday afternoon because my day job just evoked a furlough policy for its employees. i'm taking a "voluntary" unpaid day off today. two more work week's worth are coming before the end of the year. it's a scary time for me because i'm probably in my earning potential prime, but the economy has taken a huge dump, and i'm not confident this downturn will be followed by some sort of giant boon later (like WW2 after the great depression, or the internet sensation after the recession of the first george bush).

on the bright side, i got to sleep in! i tidied up a bit around the house while listening to slum village (r.i.p. baatin). i found a halo action figure the wife gave me at our wedding. i unboxed it and posed it to show just how bored i am ...

tea anyone?

in other news, as promised, i joined the aforementioned socal photog shootout group on facebook. as it happens, they are in the early stages of planning an upcoming "shootout" somewhere in irvine on saturday, august 29. i am so there! hopefully my friends lew and tien can come too. i've begun following group leader hanssie trainor on twitter to stay connected with the group's plans. i also checked out her blog. pretty impressive stuff. i also notice she went on a shoot with becker in venice, ca. it looks like she's part of becker's social networking for photographers: thebschool. interesting how it all intertwines. 

speaking of twitter, i started my own account. i've enjoyed following people for a few months now, but i thought i'd toe the waters of actually making updates. my gut has always told me such things were a bit too narcissistic for my taste, but that's contradicted by my incessant following of jessica claire, jasmine star, becker, shaq, questlove, talib kweli, and major nelson. we'll see how this goes. upon expressing my desire to be part of the upcoming shootout, hanssie is following me! another oc photog named greg bumatay is too. i'm not sure who greg is, how he found me, or why he's following me, but he's got some impressive stuff on his blog, so hey! ... welcome aboard! 

finally, i'll leave you with this interesting image the wife took over the weekend. she visited the family in san jose for her grandmother's 90th birthday (i stayed behind to play baseball; i'm that dedicated). while there, they enjoyed a family slideshow of old photos. i guess they also unearthed these old guys. wow!

where are the lcd's on these things??

whoops! the cubs are on playing the reds on espn. gotta go!